Back pain is very crucial for a human being because it just stops life. No work can be done perfectly because of pain. You never feel energetic and relieved. But before starting treatment of your back pain do you know which type of back pain you are suffering from. Yes, back pain is of different types which are totally dependent upon the depth of the pain. The following are the various types of back pain.

Acute pain

This type of pain is also known as short time back pain. This pain occurs because of imbalance or sprain in the back. But this pain is more sharp and painful. This can be cured with the help of a good mattress, medication, and exercise. In the initial period people usually ignore this pain because of low depth but as the passage of time, it became more painful for the person. So please never ignore acute pain for early relief.

Chronic pain

This type of pain lasts long for more than six months. This is considered as the next level pain of acute pain. Chronic pain usually occurs due to the injury in the back. It generally not appeared in summers but in winters it became unbearable. Sometimes this type of pain came into existence in old age and at that time it is very difficult to cure it.

Neuropathic pain

This type of pain is usually come due to a muscle injury in the back. This may also be caused due to slipping disc. This is much sharper than chronic pain. The behavior of this pain is come and goes, we can’t permanently get rid of it. So, you can just be careful so that the pain can not bother you.

Al the above types of pain have different types of medications according to the level of the pan. But along with medications mattress also play an important role in the treatment of pan. So get the best memory foam mattress for your back pain and get the solution to say goodbye to it.